Our Process

Our Approach

1. Learn

Using standardized assessments, we are able to determine a student’s strengths and challenges. The standardized assessments, parental interviews and direct observations guide our programming and allow us to create an individual education/behavioural plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of each student.

precision learning group
precision learning group program

2. Program

By programming specifically to the student’s strengths and challenges using scientifically supported and most-effective treatment procedures allow for every individual to learn. We aim to create a program that sets the expectations not too low, but not too high to ensure progress is made and every student comes in contact with success.

3. Implement

Our interventionist work one to one with your child in their home, school or community to implement the program. Parent coaching can also be provided and is sometimes a necessary component to achieving our goals. Parent coaching can be centered around family time, sleeping, toileting or community outings.

Our Program - Precision Learning Group
Our Program - Precision Learning Group

4. Change

Our students change frequently, so we change frequently. When things are working, we change to increase expectations to accelerate learning. When things are not working, we change and adapt to where learning can occur. Change allows our students to move through the program in a meaningful way.

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