Roles & Responsibilities

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Role & Responsibilities

Precision Learning Group offers four levels of service providers to meet the needs of our clients.

Behaviour Consultant

The Behaviour Consultants at Precision Learning Group (PLG) use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Precision Teaching to design and manage individualized behavior-change programs for each of our clients. Behavior Consultants at PLG are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) who have met the requirements outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The Behavior Consultant assigned to your team will provide initial and ongoing assessment, design individualized behavior support plans, oversee and make changes to programs, and supervise other team members to ensure accurate and effective implementation by all treatment providers. Additionally, your Behaviour Consultant will collaborate with other professionals (SLPs, OTs, doctors, school staff, etc.), attend IEP meetings, and be involved in all program oversight.

Our Behaviour Consultants regularly attend ongoing training both within and outside of the organization, including local and national conferences. BCBAs have at minimum a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or a related field, maintain knowledge of the latest research in the field of ABA, and have passed a standardized competency exam.

Program Managers

Program Managers assist our Behavior Consultants with the day-to-day oversight of each team and provide a high level of customized support to our clients. Program Managers typically worked as Behaviour Interventionists for several years before attending post-secondary or graduate education with the long-term goal of working within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis or a complementary field. Program Managers attend all team meetings, help train new Behavior Interventionists, make program changes under the supervision of a BCBA, and help develop program materials in the most cost-effective way for your family’s needs. Additionally, Program Managers are an initial point-of-contact for any questions you may have about progress within your ABA program and will know who to contact when needed about any questions you may have.

Lead/Senior Behaviour Interventionists

Lead Behaviour Interventionists (BIs) have been working in the field of ABA for at least one year or have attended courses in Applied Behavior Analysis and/or Behavior Intervention. The Lead BI assigned to your team helps keeps the programs running smoothly by organizing, printing, and maintaining program materials. He or she will help coordinate the other Behavior Interventionists on the team and ensure that the monthly schedule is updated. The Lead BI will implement intervention sessions with your child, but typically on a less frequent basis.

Line/Junior Behavior Interventionists

Behavior Interventionists work directly with your son or daughter on a daily basis, conducting the 1:1 intervention sessions. All of our BIs receive training on data collection and how to implement the specific programs in your child’s home program. Behavior Interventionists work under the direction of our Behaviour Consultants and Program Managers. Behaviour Interventionists will work individually and attend all team meetings to keep well-informed of program changes and receive ongoing training and supervision to refine their ABA skills. In addition to conducting intervention, our BIs establish strong rapport with the children they work with in order to achieve the best result possible with your child.

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