Home Based Intervention

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Home-based Intervention

Our EIBI programs are designed to be delivered in the clients home and in school settings. One-on-one intervention with clients generally occurs in the home. This allows us to be able to ensure that the skills we are teaching generalize outside of therapy into the home. It also provides more contact time for therapists and family so that skills can be transfered to family members to enhance generalization. Therapy often times also includes support in school settings where therapy assistants would accompany a child to a daycare or school setting to provide intervention services at that location.

precision learning group
Precision Learning Group

Why Choose Home-Based Programs

Home-based programs offer some significant advantages. First, all therapy happens in your family’s residence, and you don’t have to travel. We have also found that when therapy is performed in the home it is much easier for parents to see and hear the child and therapist interacting, and natural teaching opportunities. Performing therapy services in your home also offers a more comfortable environment for your child. We also recommend home-based ABA intervention because we have found that behavioural intervention might not happen as much during formal sessions, and should be included in the child’s everyday life.

How We Structure Our Programs

Precision Teaching

A precise and systematic method of evaluating instructional decision making. It is one of the few forms of behaviour applied behaviour analysis that utilizes a quantitative analyses of behaviour.

Fluency Based Instruction

We focus not only on accurate but also fluency. By focusing on both fluency and not just accuracy alone, we produce better learning outcomes.

Visual Analysis

The Standard Celebration Chart allows us to see the overall learning picture of our student to monitor their progress. The visual analysis allows us to evaluate the program in real time to make immediate intervention changes.

Direct Instruction

A highly structured programmed instruction ensures that all interventionists are implementing the program with high fidelity to maximize progress.

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